We often encounter problems of showing Chinese bookmarks during using Latex, take the following MWE, i.e. main.tex as an example:


When using pdflatex to compile, the Chinese bookmarks will not show correctly, though there will be no problem showing Chinese in the body text.

Correct way to handle is:

  1. Download and extract gbk2uni.exe from https://bitbucket.org/herohuyongtao/files/downloads/gbk2uni.zip to the Latex source folder.
  2. Before final run of pdflatex command, dos run gdk2uni.exe main.out
  3. Run pdflatex again. Done!

It’s possible to simplify the 2nd step by adding a one-click button to the Latex editor, i.e. WinEdt’s toobar. The steps are:

  1. Copy gbk2uni.exe to C:\CTEX\MiKTeX\miktex\bin.
  2. Create file gbk2uni.bat with the following content:

     gbk2uni %1.out
  3. Put this file to ..\Ctex\WinEdt\Bin\ (create Bin folder if not existing).
  4. In WinEdt: Options –> Option Interface… –> Menu and Toolbar… –> MainMenu –> double click to open MainMenu.ini file –> add the following content before END="&Accessories" –> right click MainMenu –> load script (F9).

     ITEM="GBK to Unicode"
         MACRO=:Run('%B\Bin\gbk2uni.bat %N');
  5. In WinEdt: Options –> Option Interface… –> Menu and Toolbar… – > Toolbar –> double click to open toolbar.ini file –> add BUTTON="GBK to Unicode", e.g. before BUTTON="MetaFont" –> right click Toolbar –> load script (F9).
  6. Done! There will be a gbk2uni button (with a Notepad icon, change in step-4 if you want to use other icons) before MetaFont button.

Up to now, the way to generate the PDF with correct Chinese bookmarks can be, i.e all by simply clicking the coresponding buttons: pdflatex -> pdflatex –> gdk2uni -> pdflatex.


  1. Example from: http://bbs.ctex.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=64270
  2. Adding gbk2uni button to WinEdt is based on: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_48f3a1cd0101mon3.html